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My thoughts on Twilight

So, I've had some extra time on hands lately and have been watching quite a few movies... the one last night was Twilight. I wanted to share some of my thoughts.

First of all, the dialogue is painful. That could have been because of the acting, but i actually think the actors did the best they could with what they had. One of the worst lines was "Edward couldn't come to the beach with us" "Of course, the Cullens don't come" "Hey, what did they mean by the Cullens don't come here" "Oh you caught that huh?" THAT WAS ALL THEY SAID, OF COURSE SHE CAUGHT IT!! It was pretty much down hill from there.

I have to say that I think the glittery skin was more of a sparkly skin and was actually pulled off better than i thought possible. It's still pretty lame, but not as lame as I was expecting.

The baseball scene was interesting. Essentially, Vampires play baseball like they are the X-Men, because apparently they have no idea how to tone down their powers, even though they do it all day long. That's kinda why they don't leave holes in the ground as they walk and take doors off their hinges. I don't know... it just kinda didn't make sense.

I won't give it away, but the most clever thing in the whole movie was how the bad guy lures Bella to her death.

As a whole though, the movie is much longer than it needs to be, lacks the romantic feeling that the awkward voiceover narration is trying to convey, and just wasn't that good. Mind you, i never read the book, so this is completely my opinions on the movie.

You may all return to your regularly scheduled blog reading.

 Third Eye Games ran a great demon contest in March 2009 and had three great winners! Now, those races have been combined into the first “API Demon Pack” and is now available through DriveThruRPG.com athttp://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=61053.

In addition, in memory of the late Andy Hallett who played The Host (aka Lorne) on Angel, we have a fourth FREE race also available, called the Crooners. They can be found here http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=61054.

All of these races are balanced and approved for use in any Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. game.


Repost: Obama vs. Darth Vadar

It will never happen, but if you click here and scan down you will find out how it might look.

Thanks for the link Pookie!


API Demon Contest Winners & Interviews

First, I’d like to thank everyone that submitted an entry to Third Eye Game’s first API Demon Contest. We ended up with 8 total entries and some great winners. I hope to do more of these in the future, because it really was a blast to see how the fans are interpreting Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.

So, without further ado:

1st Place – Dale Amann. (Entry: the Serpentis)

Dale wins a print copy of either API Worldwide: Canada or Demon Codex: Lochs.

2nd Place – Steven Markley (Entry: The Jaguar Warriors)

3rd Place – Steven Lindsey (Entry: The Hopkins)

Both Stevens win a free PDF of either API Worldwide: Canada or Demon Codes Lochs.

All three winners will also receive the finished PDF products for all three races for free.

Judges: Eloy Lasanta, Darren Pearce, and Brennan Bishop

In other news:

Third Eye Games has been getting out there! I had an interview in the latest issue of Pyramid Magazine #3/5 that you can check out at http://e23.sjgames.com/item.html?id=SJG37-2605, as well as an podcast interview with The Game’s the Thing that was very awesome. Check that out at http://www.thegamesthething.com/.


Finally Tried 4E

Well, this weekend I got the chance to finally try out thie 4E that everyone’s been talking about. I went into it as a totally neutral party, as I’ve heard tons of great things about it, as well as negative. Since there was a wizard and paladin in the party already, I decided to create a warlord (so that we all served different roles). I chose Deva as my race, which is pretty cool conceptually. We had some roleplaying set up and jumped into the game, getting through 2 moderately-sized fights before I had to leave to pick up the kids.


So, my thoughts… I liked it. I’m not gushing and it’s definitely not my game of choice, but it was good. I think the fact that 4E makes no secrets about its intentions makes it easier to swallow. 3E was an RPG, while 4E is a tactical boardgame with roleplaying used to get you to the fights. Everything, from the race abilities, to class abilities, to magic… everything… has to do with combat. This works for the game and the smaller list of skills didn’t bother me at all, as they are broken down to the base ones that you’d need in combat.


Of course, the level of roleplaying you do in this game is up to the individual group, this game totally leans toward those groups that really just want to get to the fights. Not really my type of game at all, but it was a lot o fun and I’d certainly play again if asked.




Third Eye Games is throwing our first writing contest for new and interesting races to add to the world of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. This contest comes on the heels of our recently released sourcebook, API Worldwide: Canada, and in preparation for the upcoming Demon Codex: Lochs race sourcebook.


- Original demon race, not just an offshoot of an existing race, and needs origin, lifestyle, and affiliation with API

- Both Legal and Illegal races are acceptable and there is no required theme for this contest

- Word Count: 1200 to 2000 words in length

- Entries will be judged for both narrative content (how well they fit into the setting) and rules balance

- Submissions to eloy@thirdeyegames.net


March 20th, 2009

Winners Receive:

1st Place – Print copy of either API Worldwide: Canada or Demon Codex: Lochs (upon release)

2nd & 3rd Place – PDF of either API Worldwide: Canada or Demon Codex: Lochs (upon release)

Also, all three winning submissions will officially become part of the world of API and will be available for purchase through DTRPG.

Disclaimer: By sending your submission to Third Eye Games, you agree to the following: "I certify that these materials are my intellectual property and that no other party holds a copyright, trademark or patent claim on them. My submission becomes the property of Third Eye Games and I indemnify Third Eye Games against any claims of infringement of copyright, trademark or patent that are based on a similarity between the materials I am submitting and a product that Third Eye Games may subsequently create."

API Worldwide: Canada - Available Now!

API Worldwide: Canada is now available for sale! Check out http://www.thirdeyegames.net for more info!


Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. T-Shirts!

Hello All!


Third Eye Games is happy to announce that we now have T-Shirts available for Apocalypse Prevention, Inc! Starting it off is the API generic t-shirt and the Loch race shirt. We plan on launching one new shirt each week in the future… so keep an eye out for your favorite!




We thank you for your support and look forward to many years of gaming fun!


-Eloy Lasanta

CEO Third Eye Games

API Worldwide: Canada - Preview

We've got a preview of API Worldwide: Canada at http://www.thirdeyegames.net and http://www.flamesrising.com/api-worldwide-canada-preview/.

Enjoy everyone! The book is going to printers this week!


Ziraxia and Free Stickers

Hey everyone!

Ziraxia.com has an awesome new promotions involving free stickers... you know you want them! Check it out here: